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this is a fantastic review. i had seen this book on the shelves and was not drawn to it until your complex review.


What is it with you and your copies to give away?

Could it be that you nip to the bookstore looking for something or other - spot something interesting - buy it - get it home - park on shelf - bury it beneath additional purchases - repeat the same exercise each month - have a spring clean and find that you have three copies of the 'spot something interesting'?

I know you're going to say 'no' somehow.

Marla make it sound like the perfect vacation read - and since we're not going on vacation until mid-September, it seems like a good time to enter and hope to win something like this. Hmmm...

Does this count as an entry?


Me too And you'll even save postage. tee hee

karen in CA

Oh me! Moi! Pick me! :-)

drama mama

I'm in. Sounds frothy and fun.

~ danielle

Pick me, pick me! Prevent me from reading the Deathly Hallows again for fun ;-)


Me, too!


Sounds like a great book! And with both of my sons going to school now this year, I'll have the time to read it!


Great description. Add me to your list! Thanks!



I'm in! Always looking for my next book to read.


Count me in, too. Sounds like a neat "end-of-summer" read.

Paige in Virginia


I'm in.

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