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Laura Cottington

Thanks for sharing the beautiful experience Fluffy had. Have been behind reading my fav blogs this summer and am getting caught up with you and Fluffy today. So great to read your awesome writing again!


WOW! I love this entry!

Mom without a manual

Awesome! Baseball, ice cream and calculus! Every child's dream! Ha! Seriously, that sounds like a beautiful day for Fluffy and Mom!


Way to go Mommy and Fluffy! Sounds like the two cousins are becoming good friends:)
Too cool about Fluffy knocking that ball outta the park!


this is so great...things continue to be challenging at my house but i did want to say i'm still coming by, reading, cheering you all on!


Whoop de do and horray for you! [all] I need something cheerful. Thank you.

Frog's Mom

I'm so happy for Fluffy and for you! Fluffy is making some truly amazing developmental leaps. I remember how dramatic Diva's (my anxious NT child) growth was last year when the social anxiety began to lessen - the leap to independence was striking, she seems so much happier and her confidence continues to grow. It sounds like Fluffy is growing up too :0)



Unbelievable. AMAZING!


Almost as wonderful to read about-----Charlie has been very interested in other kids this past week and doing things like them (well, eating pizza). Enjoy, enjoy!


Oh, Kyra! This TOO wonderful indeed! I am clapping and smiling and shouting, "GO, FLUFFY!" Wow. Wow. Just...WOW. Calculus?? Holy Sh**!

drama mama

My first reaction, when I read this post, was that this is a wonderful miracle. Then I realized that this is no miracle at all. This is time, patience, and a marvelous teacher.



Oh Kyra,

What a day, what an experience!!! Delurking,because I just couldn't stand my glee and needed to share it with you. As a mom of two boys, one with some uncharted ways, it is both validating and liberating to read your posts. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for making us feel not so different afterall.



What a wonderful tribute to Fluffy's development and growth in experience sharing! I loved reading this.


I've been trapped in your blog for hours now... You are great writer, but an even better mother.


All of this was written with a delicious note of well-deserved pride! And read with a note of the same! GO Fluffy!

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