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rosetta stone

Have a FANTASTIC time, kyra! Oh!

Tara @ kidz

OH I'm so jealous!!! Alone time is wonderful, but three full days and nights?!? Heaven.


I hope you had a great trip - got lots of rest and learned lots.

Susan E.

kisses blown, hugs sent. I hope you got that lovely sleep!


have a wonderful time!! what a huge step!

Kristina Chew

enjoy the sun, learn a lot, relax, breathe....


Have a wonderful trip! I can't wait to hear more about that workshop.


I hope you are feeling better soon. It is great to get away. I went away on a shopping trip with a friend a few weeks ago. I had some severe anxiety before I went. That let me know that I need to get away a bit more. It is good for us to change our scenery and be out on our own a bit.

Have a great time and I can't wait to hear about it.

Michelle O'Neil

One of these days we moms should take a three day NON AUTISM all fun, no kids, long weekend.

Hope your cold is gone and that you are getting some time to play.

drama mama

have a good, good trip.

may i recommend a bath? my favorite thing to do in a hotel alone .. grab a good book and soak .. with no one knocking at the door, no one asking to come in (er child OR grown-up.. lol), no one ever so generously dunking their toys in the water (because who can possibly enjoy a bath without a squeaky toy or 7?) .. anyway, just a thought ..

enjoy the trip! be safe and have FUN!


Ooh! Did you see me wave as you flew over DE?? You didn't?? Must have been napping, huh?

I think your trip sounds positively divine! And the sleep will do wonders for your cold, too! xoxoxo


You little get away sounds delicious! Have a wonderful time!


Wow! I can't wait to hear more. Have a safe, fun trip!


There's nothing better than riding on a airplane, cross-country with a stack of magazines and your purse, only! I wish you didn't have a cold and hope that the trip is worthwhile. Enjoy hotel sheets and opening your eyes in the morning with no responsibilities!


Have a FANTASTIC time, kyra! Oh! I so wish I were coming too, so we could meet!! :o)


Buen Viaje! May you have a wonderful time....

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