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tee hee! hello teresa! let's go a few rounds!


so nice to 'see' you!

well, let's see.

1. the shakes are good. i'm partial to the chocolate.

2. yes. i'm afraid the mountain dew must go.

you may want to stop reading but if you CAN imagine doing without it for at least the length of the cleanse, read on...

3. the snacks: they include these chocolate wafer thingies that are perfectly balanced and next to no calories. it's like space-age food that woody allen might offer you in Bananas but i have found them to be somewhat satisfying in a pinch.

in a pinch, mind you.

i've been having:carrots with hummus, organic cheese, apple (or pear or banana) with peanut butter, nuts (almost any nut but it must be RAW!). hemp granola with yogurt, turkey/lettuce roll-ups, a big green salad. really, anything that will satisfy me but that is making the most of my calories with out turning it into a binge.

4. i've even given up coffee! it's not REQUIRED but it's strongly suggested. galling, i know. but it IS a cleanse.

i've been drinking LOTS of water and tea. green tea. red tea. rainbow tea. herbal teas. with a bit of stevia.

OH! i can't believe i forgot to say! CHOCOLATE! i get the really good organic kind, 80% dark, and eat a small bite of it when i absolutely need it.


ok, my political rival (LOL) you have peaked my interest. What do the shakes taste like? What snacks can you have and most importantly, do I have to give up my Mountain Dew?

drama mama

Give me! Give me! Tell me not of fear!

O churl! Drunk all and left no friendly drop to help me after?

Okay. Sorry. It's late and I'm grading Shakespeare papers.









I'm coming for you. Check yer email.

P.S. Missed you much.


i know. it does seem that way and maybe it's true.

here are the prices: $174 for the 11 day
$374 for the 30 day.

for me it was worth it.

i also chose to become a 'member' which is the basically the same thing as being a distributor. that meant i paid a one-time $39 dollars and got wholesale prices ($130/9 day or $260/30 day) from my first order onward. this is something that anyone can do.

oh dear. do i sound like i'm hawking?

i'm happy to give more information to anyone who wants it! simply email me. but don't feel AT ALL as if i'm after your $$$!!!!


I went and looked it up the other day after your post. I tried and tried to find a price - and then I realized that if I have to ask the price I cannot afford to buy it !

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