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mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I'm more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful.


I've had ABA & RDI suggested. I'm still looking into both. SmallBoy is most definitely verbal, but it's USING the verbal to communicate that throws him for a loop. So I will continue looking and researching both until I figure out which is right for us....although, kyra does have a point as far as the financing....ABA's been around much longer and has had a chance to prove itself.


When we started a Lovaas 40hour/week program for Charlie six years ago, ABA seemed very different from other therapies. But good ABA = good VB = good therapy & teaching when intensively delivered and under careful supervision. I use ABA on my college students and (having recently restarted Lovaas therapy) I can see that they have been listening to their critics and adding and changing. kc


I guess the key is just to find what works, eh? For us, ABA has been the magic pill. But autism manifests itself so differently in each kid that its ridiculous to assume that any one therapy will work for ALL of them. I'm sure there will come a time when the husband and I will decide that ABA has done all it can do for our baby girl. But right now? Right now I can take her to a restaurant confident that she'll sit still long enough for me to eat. I can sit with her on my lap and watch an entire episode of Maisy without her running off to do something else. That ability to sit and focus has opened the door to all sorts of learning and her speech has improved which leads to better communication which leads to a happier baby girl. This is what we'll stick with until she's really learned to learn and we'll move on to a different approach.

In reading your blog for the past few months I see that our kids' autism is very different so it would only make sense that what works for one wouldn't necessarily work for the other.

Lovin' ABA (for now at least),

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