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That was great to hear....about the positives of the defiance. I remember when SmallBoy was doing that (and he still does from time to time- and he's 9), thinking, "Good GOD! What is going on with my little boy?!?!" Kyra, you're going to have to do daily trainings on your blog for all of us from all of your talks and RDI sessions with Dr. G.


We have a system - tree goes up day after Thanksgiving and comes down on New Year's Day. Today is the 9th and it is still up. I almost wish someone would come into my house and take it down for me.

Love Fluffy. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a little boy around the house.


When I hear about Fluffy saying the things he says I always think to myself "this kid is brilliant!" I had a dream last night (Sunday) that he was a guitar player and he had many guitars. They were flashy colors and sparkley, too. I kept trying to play one and Fluffy kept looking at me as if I had 3 heads. Good luck this week. I'm thinking of you. (my tree was gone 12/26- dried out mess that it was)


I love Fluffy's poetic utterances!


My tree has been gone since 3 days after Christmas. I usually always keep it up until at least after New Years, but I could not wait to get it out this year. Andrew was fine with it. I had predicted that he would be way more into pulling ornaments off or branches, but he wasn't...I just needed it gone, Christmas that is.

I also read somewhere that it is the ones who put up more of a fight that make a breakthrough. This is why I was very happy to see these little displays of tantrums come along with Andrew. I'll be interested in hearing how your RDI workshop goes.

Kristina Chew

Hang on! I've hung onto Charlie for so long and until we were both soaked, I don't know with sweat or tears or something else. I used to think, it would be easier when he was 5 but then he started on those terrible 2's (and thrashing 3's) and they seem just to have ended, one day, last December, point blank and I'm shocked to look at his face now: It is almost beautific, and calm, and open.

I also read (in Lovaas--me as an ABA-er) that kids who show more of a fight have a good outcome--because they have that spark, that desire to be in communication with the world. That it's better than passively sitting by and just letting the items sit by on the counter instead of the swipe. Fluffy is showing initiative--independence--something of himself, and that, though it gets hard to hold on, is huge.

We didn't even bother with a tree as ours is outdoors and "natural"--pine needles on the floor are the last thing we need!

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