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Pippy played by herself and I was young enough and tired enough as a singlemom to just appreciate it. Fast forward over eight intervening years, babies wanted and lost, and now I can't leave Fin alone. It's awful because he has NO skills at entertaining himself. And if he DOES play alone, I worry that I am ignoring him. LOL.


Oh yeah, I've been there: "stay here and observe, or use this precious, rare time for myself?" The never-ending debate.


That's why all moms could make really good spies...

Kristina Chew

I call it the conundrum of autism. What is real play? When should I interfere? When should I push him? Maybe I should just get him to fold the laundry with me and praise him for that---make that a game! Such wonderings come everyday.

Were you able to get back to the game?

suburban misfit

RUN! Okay, no, just kidding. I have that same problem and my kids have been playing independently for nearly as long as they've been alive (there was that 3-year period where Christopher had to be attached to me AT ALL TIMES, but other than that...). They're just so darned cute when they think no one is looking.


Actually, the Army lays down and spies, the Navy uses goggles. Just sayin'. But good for you having a time out. I love Time Outs. I wish I had them all the time. Wait! I have 7 hour long ones now that the kids are in school. Woot!

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