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Coach Outlet

I brush my teeth standing very upright with my left hand on my hip, like I’m doing a Broadway number. My dad did that: the brushing, not the Broadway.

That Mom

Just started blogging though I've been writing for thirty years and suddenly my grandpa who lives online thinks I'm a wordsmith but I have a secret blog that I won't tell my family about because it's just about mom stuff. And I say, let's not pave the world, let's all fly- but using our minds not airplanes because of the environmental impact- instead. Love your blog, sending pure love to you and your family, Momma Fee


You are amazing. The two-way street, the valentine, the purring mother.


Kristina Chew

"No deadline for a valentine"---I will always say the same to Charlie!


K, this is a wonderful favorite part is the one about interaction being a 2-way street. Lovely. Brilliant. Wish I'd thought of writing it the way you did.
Next favorite on my list is 10, and then 4 (I was the purring Mom, up until I returned to work, now I'm the food-in-the-hair Mom)...


You are such a good writer! We have a mean kid coming over every day who lives down the hall. She stepped on the kid's feet intentionally yesterday, I almost broke them. In front of her mom. And I am glad we live on a wide two way street. It's very meaningful to me.xoxoxoxo

~ danielle

#7 stands out to me - very much something that picks at my brain lately. Is it 5, is it that this is the time when so many other kids turn into mean little twits? Bub is in this amazing preschool co-op where I feel he is as safe as he could be without me, his teacher is amazing, small group, yadda yadda. I want him to stay in this co-op forever - like until he's 20. The thought of sending him to public school for even 5 minutes is paralyzing and terrifying to me. {cracks knuckles in preparation for mama bear neck wringing of snarky little twit-people} Grrr...


PSS I like how in #9 you used the word WORLD instead of WORD.

And I'm sure daddy was very happy to get a valentine - your boy sounds sooooo sweet...

Kisses and thanks for doing this :)


You're cute - it was the meme of twos or whatever - and I think roo tagged you too - but considering your back, we'll let you go! :) Kristen (PS I like my new name, it's VERY sassy - way sexier than Kristen - I'm going to try it out tomorrow)... LOL

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