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nike shox børn

I love you so,my dear

Nike Free

Energy and persistence conquer all things. Nothing seek, nothing find.

Vick Forman

My goodness, you have taken my breath away. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words.


Ok, I MUST have this book. I have seen SO many people showing it on their blogs as What-To-Read! I think I'm going to order myself a copy. Need it NOW. Reading every book on ASDs and Asperger's is very informative and educational, but I NEED a Mommy book! Sounds like this book would also be a great Mother's Day present, too!


Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments about the book! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

As for finding time to write while also mothering, it's always a difficult thing to balance. Remember, though, that the pieces in the book are works that were published on the site over a year and a half -- so not written by one person, and not written all at once! In our Profiles section at, we have interviews with lots of mother-writers, and I think nearly all of them address this "how do you do it?" question.

My own answer is: a little at a time. And with far too much caffeine. So I would advise anyone trying to write while mothering to be patient with herself, and to not be discouraged about going slowly, and to just keep moving forward, even if it doesn't seem like you're really making progress. If all you can do is a sentence a day, that's all you can do. And some days that's enough!



I got chills reading that first excerpt (about the infant in the hospital).


Okay, I'm off to the library! I recognize the flattened feeling you mentioned at the beginning of this post: how DO some people do it? and want very much to join you at the place where you ended it: inspired, serious about yourself and your work, up to the challenge.


I want this book very very badly. I love Seal Press and when I fantasize about getting published, I always pretend it's them publishing me.
Have you looked at the Mom book I sent you that I forgot the title of?


You have email :)

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