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I love Labradoodles. She is just beautiful.


Ohmygosh how she's posing! She's beautiful. Welcome Beegu! I can't wait for you to read that article, I think Mouse was telling Fluffy who was boss--according to the information from the Dog Whisperer article.


Good luck with her. Him? I'll bet things will be better this time around. Dogs do have their own needs and quirks and it sounds like it's probably better for Mouse to be on the Farm.


Awwwww Beegu is beautiful! Very gorgeous fur!

Vick Forman

Welcome Beegu. So cute! Thanks for telling the story, Kyra :)

Susan Wagner

"Labradoodle" is my new favorite word. And I want to kiss that dog.


Beegu is the cutest little thing! I had a poodle growing up, and the rest of the family had poodle-shih tzu mixes (children of our poodle!). Now has sister has a cocker spaniel-poodle mix. All smart and friendly dogs who never ever bit! Welcome, Beegu--we can't wait to meet you!

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