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Ian Parker

Hi Kyra,

(I've been meaning to comment on this earlier)

Okay, you finally talked me into RDI. We have a couple of the books and have previously contacted an RDI consultant, who was happy to work with us (and thrilled to work with someone as young as my daughter). But then we 'stopped', due to a combination of time issues, IBI (costs only - our IBI pgm has no objections to RDI, and the pgm head has some RDI training), medical issues, a philosophical disagreement (the Bear has rudimentary Theory of Mind, IMO, but due to SI issues has impediments to building upon this base) and plain old inertia.

The Bear (net-named in honour of Fluffy, btw) has recently turned three and is non-verbal, but she wants to be very social, and now (okay, very soon) is as good a time as any. While I think the Bear has some basic ToM, it strikes me that this is a capability that requires practice and guidance to fully develop (and while we're at it, maybe I might make some ToM gains too).

Thanks for sharing your success, it is inspiring.

Vicki Forman

Wow. Thanks for the report. This all really is magical. Way to go Fluffy, and way to go Kyra.


I am so happy for you, Dave and especially for Fluffy!

"But fun is not the biggest motivator--competence is." I agree with this very much.

I gotta get me some of that magic.


Congratulations to you and Fluffy on your progress! I had to catch my breath when you described his noticing every nuance of your facial expressions and concluding correctly your intention with that information! RDI is good stuff and I am anxious to visit Jacob's Journey and learn more.


Magic, indeed. But a lot of work on your part, and definitely on Fluffy's. That is wonderful, Kyra.


That's all so wonderful! We're looking forward to playing with you and Fluffy...tomorrow!


happy, happy, happy for all of you. thrilled & proud and cheering.
love you all.

Laura Cottington

So happy that RDI is making your world magical. I loved what you said about RDI being "mindfull of parenting", that is how I have felt about things like ABA as well. We don't do ABA (but have been considering RDI), but have a good friend who is a SLP trained in ABA. When she teaches me things about it, and with my teaching background, to me it is not rocket science, it is exactly what you said...being mindfull in parenting, doing the best we can with logical rewards and consequences and LOVE! So very happy for you.


HOORAY! RDI really is magic. Or magical, at any rate. So glad to hear the RDA went well!


So happy for you! And proud of you! You have worked so hard with Fluffy and you are doing a great job. I know how hard it can be with a child on the spectrum. Pat yourself on the back, Mom!

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