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Energy and persistence conquer all things. Nothing seek, nothing find.


Sacha Cohen is British.


Thank you for taking the time to call. It IS one of those things that isn't easy to do, but once you have done it it feels SO good. I hope and pray it makes the difference we need it to.


Oh, you are so cool for doing this. As much as I hate the Bush admin, I am SUCH a wimp about cold calling. I'm like my sister who lasted for three days at her telemarketing job and went home and threw up everynight.

Isn't there something else I can do besides call strangers?

Joel S

I hope that your calls make a difference. I find your current govmnt to be downright horrific. If your country does any more backsliding women may lose the right to vote. Ok, that's a touch exagerrated but the explosion of racism and general backwards thinking is astounding. No wonder Sacha Baron Cohen could make a movie like Borat so easily. (Although I don't think most people notice how amazingly political a whole bunch of his jokes are)

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