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Oh, shit. It starts in a week.

Vicki Forman

Oh, in my case it will be NaNoDrinkMo while I WriMo. Huzzah!!! Where are the NaNoChillPills?

~ danielle

oh how you make me smile! I don't think I'm quite prepared (mentally or emotionally) for NaNoWriMo, so NaBloPoMo is right up my alley. I considered it, but little conviction, but for my health and my families health, NaBloPoMo sounds like a better choice.

And now I can subsribe to your feed - hip hip horray! Today just gets better and better!


Well I can see how THIS will go...your fabulous productivity will have a direct, inverse impact on mine...I will get nothing done during the mo of No because I will be reading your blog all the live-long day...


I am already registered for MeEatMoMoAndGetFatto and I think I might win this year. In the meanwhile I think that you should enter GetSitterYoMo and then VisitKimMoYo.


I would also like to participate in MeEatMoMoAndGetFatto. I promise to bring the white chocolate and root beer, as well as gluten-free baked goods.

I will do my part.

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