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We are dying from sleep deprivation over here, and it's mostly our own fault.

So, thank you for the detailed review. Will get said book, and if all else fails I can always hit myself over the head with it.


OMG, I'm going to get this book right away. Instead of calling you every night crying.

Vicki Forman

You wench, keeping the book! But all hail Ann, because the idea of writing a HELPFUL book on sleep is a miracle. We were not the baby whisperer types in my family. To this day, my nine year old still crawls into my bed. But if that means we all sleep, so be it. Thanks for the review.


Hey, I remember sleep. I used to think I "needed" 8 hours. Now I make do with 8 cups of coffee.


Yep, those high-need babies are high-need all day, and the day seems MUCH longer than 24 hours. My toddler is still trying to nurse at night. I still remember my MIL's shocked face when she asked if baby #2 was sleeping through the night and I laughed and said baby #1 wasn't even night weaned until I got pregnant again & forced the issue. I will keep this book in mind for new parents.

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