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Fluffy always manages to make me smile somehow, what a funny guy!

Kristina Chew

So it's a good thing someone knows where the stash is!




The kid cracks me up!

TSM-teriffically superiorily mediocre

Isn't he precious? Don't you just want to hug him? He reminds me SO much of Jill, my neice. The two of them will do great things, you watch.

Laura Cottington

Oh Fluffy, you are soooooo cute and soooo funny!!! Sam has a special spot in his room for bathroom products as well. He has two drawers that he uses for his tissue. Okay, now I know this is gross, but it is funny how they think. He has clean tissue beside his bed on the ledge for night time. Then as he uses one, he puts it in the drawer for "wet tissue". After they dry, he moves it to the drawer below for the "dry tissue". Then, he places them back on the ledge as "clean tissue" (but really I try to confiscate and put truly new there). Because he doesn't speak very well always, it took us months to figure it out exactly, but only a couple days of me getting yelled at for taking them out and throwing them away because I thought they were dirty (and gross). I have since learned. I DON'T touch!!!

PS-Costco and Sam's Club carry those things you need in big bulk you know!

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