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Where can I find the list that Amanda Sue addresses in her comments to this post or did I just miss it while reading? Thanks!

Vicki Forman

Yes, go with your gut. It's all you have. That and your son's own rhythms, which will also ebb and flow just like yours, right?



not a bad way to put occasional moments of seemingly bacchanal behavior--

amanda sue

woohoo! thanks for the ideas! we do a lot of that, but it is great to have a concise list of things that i can print out and put on their clipboards so that other teachers and paraprofessionals can reference it for ideas!

some out of whack signals for my kiddos: big hand flapping, crying and tantrums, and inability to focus or attend.

we have a vestibular swing in my classroom, which is wonderful. and several "squishy" places for them to go, too.


wow. i so agree with you, kat! i DO see that fluffy's OT sessions have helped enormously with lots of things. the Enki has also been huge as day to day sensory 'food' and the chiroprator visits to have all improved bilateral and crossing the midline issues. we can march around in a circle, each tapping hands to opposite uplifted knees as we sing a song, something that was impossible only a few months ago. but yes, the underlying systems need something more. so, i will report back about HANDLE in the spring.

amanda sue--as to what i do when fluffy's out of whack...most of the time it's due to NOT getting what he needs rather than being overloaded by stimulation since we don't put him in those situations very often. what he needs is to move his body in an organized way.

we break out the hippity hop and have him hop down the hall, back, once around the kitchen island and to the couch where he jumps off and into the cushions. or other versions of that.

or, a wrestling match with me--lots of body contact.

or, some gymnastics--sommersaults, assisted headstands, balancing his bum or his tummy on my feet, beginner cartwheels.

or running and crashing into the couch pillows or into beanbags.

or tunneling down into a huge pile of beanbags to find something hidden there.

or an obstacle course with IN OVER UNDER THROUGH AROUND etc. built in (under the table, up the step stool, jumping on the bean bags, pushing a laundry basket loaded with heavy things, scribbling on the big wall-mounted chalk board, walking on cardboard blocks end to end like a balance beam, following the line made by a rope on the ground, hanging from his bar or rings and then plopping himself on cushions.

bean bag tag.

leap frog, hide and seek, tag, carrying heavy things from here to there, balloon volley-ball, wheel barrow walking, jumping, pushing, digging, etc. etc.!

anything that gets his body moving, gives his body/brain/joints feedback about where he is in space, and is organized and focused and interactive and i find that very quickly, he is back on track.



I'm very impressed by Judith too. I haven't met her in person, but did take a HANDLE intro class with her sister who is an OT and HANDLE practitioner here in So. Cal--and got to see some video clips of Judith in action.

I loved her book on autism, her insights are amazing.

My goal for 2007 is to take G to see Judith.

I too have the nagging sense (especially after taking the course) that much of what we do for sensory with our OT is about managing the sensory symptoms, but not necessarily strengthening the underlying systems (vestibular, proprio) etc.

On the other hand, I do get the sense that we are making some progress towards improving bilateral coordination and core body strength. So some things are being strengthened.

But to really address the sensory issues I believe we will need to go the HANDLE route and strengthen the underlying systems.

I suspect we'll be treking up to Seattle. I got my Mom really interested in taking G to Judith (after I got her to read the book), so I'm hoping I can lure my parents out (they love Seattle) and we can also have a family vacation.

Can't wait to hear how it goes!


amanda sue

so... what do you do?

i have learned some things from our school's OT (brushing, compressions, deep pressure) but i am always looking for a quick fix to try! my kiddos get out of whack and it seems like they just need something extra to recenter. i would love to hear your ideas~

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