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What a clever boy! Happy to have found your blog again... Its been too long. Fluffy is getting big!


I loved his salt and water answer. It was brilliant.
I am not an expert but this test is measuring what exactly?
If it measuring how well one can take a test than Fluffy aced it for sure. I loved all his answers.

Tammy and Parker

Excellent post!

I'm not sure I could have come up with the answers she was looking for.

Fluffy gave some great! answers.


If I was assessing, first there would be loud cheers or nice quiet smiles, but I would also say he passed...with flying colors.

I liked his answer to the water ans salt question...I REALLY liked it, because I had no idea what she was looking for! Fluffy's answer sounded brilliant! I was like, "Yeah! That's it! They are both in the ocean! Take that and wear it for awhile!" lol

What is all the assessments for? I missed the reason for them. Is it because he is home schooled? (Is he? I always assumed he was) or is it like an assessment that is done every so many years?



AMAZING photograph by the way Fluffy! I LOVED IT!


assessments are crap no matter how you do them!


I think Fluffy answered better than I would have.
How are revenge and permission alike? And who cares?
No, are they alike?
Water and salt..are both a part of life? What?
I think he did an excellent job.
Enjoy your salami.:)


How are a poem and Fluffy's call and response to the test questions alike....


Hate the psych, I HATE the psych, I HATE THE PSYCH.

Ok, I have issues.

"How are concerts and Fluffy alike?"


Just saying.

drama mama

I want to throttle the person who wrote those assessments.

If Fluffy were in my class, he'd get extra points for being thoughtful and innovative.

If salami is the most benign coping tool that you can ingest - please, do, go ahead. Coppa is my favorite. Watch THE SOPRANOS? I love it when Tony eats the coppa out of the wax paper in his robe in front of the fridge. I think you should eat it like that.

Vicki Forman

Well, it's like the song from Grease, "they go together, like shalalalala-lalalading dong". Right? Am I right? AM I RIGHT???!!! Never mind. I'm off to eat salami.


Salami is round, and Fluffy's answers are round, meaning THEY ARE OUT OF THE BORING OLD BOX.

I think the question-asker was looking for Spam, or some other square meat...

Go Fluffy. And soon, soon, it will all be over.

Joel S

that's easy, I don't like salami either.
Fluffy's a clever kid, his answers my not be what one would find in a book, but they make sense. He may not be used to categorizing things by type, but he sure does know how to find similarities.
I liked that carbon dioxide one.


Wow. What an incredibly smart little boy! I'm very impressed with his answers.

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