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Hi! Another mom recommended your site to read about Reiki (an option I'm pondering)I couldn't find the Reiki posts, but I do love your blog. I am just on the brink of venturing away from conventional medicine in helping my daughter with Asperger's Syndrome & OCD. I am sure I will be back! :-)

March Day

Oh, that would be so awesome - RDI on Oprah! I sent off my request to the producers and now I'm crossing my fingers!


hi mamaroo--i didn't give oprah a link to this blog. figured she was too busy to check it out. i don't even imagine i will hear back from them but that's not my interest. sure, i'd LOVE to be on oprah, but what i'm after here is some media coverage for RDI. as christine says, where's the positive messages about autism? not only acceptance and understanding, adjustments and technological advancements, which are HUGE and necessary, but also positive messages about autism treatment that is respectful and affective in terms of growing the brain, organically, authentically, with measurable increases in the autistic person's ability and therefore, desire and motivation to CONNECT in this world. THAT message isn't getting out. and it ought to.


Off to send a message!

Why is it so hard to find media outlets that want to tell positive stories about autism? I will never understand it!


I'd be really surprised if Oprah did a show related in any way to autism. I know, for a fact, that she's been contacted many times by ASD parents to do a show to raise awareness and she's ignored the requests completely.

I would love, love, love it though if she did. And I would love, love, love it if you were on the show. How awesome would that be!?!


I would love to see you on Oprah to tell your story of RDI. That would be great! Did you give Oprah's people a link to this blog?

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