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wow. Reminds me of testing Noah went through too...and he would have done the same thing about a drop or two of water being spilled on his shirt. He can now actually keep a shirt on even if a drop or two of just water spills on it. Before it would have put him over the edge and he would not have been able to go on without the shirt issue being resolved first.

MANY of these test questions have no right or wrong answer. They are really only trying to see in which direction his mind works. By now I am sure you pretty much know that....and are working WITH it. I think sometimes the goal of the testers are to find ways to TWIST or CONFORM our childs' minds into a manner they wish to have it function in the way they dictate.

NOT what I had in mind.

FLUFFY gave PERFECT answers......and you did better than me. I would have TOLD the tester that too!


Oh lordy me, as my mother would say. What an absurdity that you've captured with your astute listening.

Last week Sweet M had a math home work assignment with the following question:

"The number 35 is closer to:

a. 30
b. 40

There was no "c. neither" or "c. equi-distance."

I had to write the teacher a note to get the "correct" answer, and I'm someone who had to ace graduate statistics courses to finish my advanced degree. So go figure.

What is wrong with these people?

I think they are teaching them, first and foremost, conformity to what the teacher says.

And, if inquiring minds would like to know, the teacher told me the answer should have been 40 because they're supposed to know to round up.

Like I said, go figure.


I've been reading this blog for a while now. I guess it's time to put in my two-cents' worth ("What are you buying with two cents, Mommy?" I can hear my very literal son ask. "Not much!" I can hear myself answer. "But whatever it's worth, I'm using these pennies now before the Feds decide that they're totally worthless!")

But I digress...

Re: the looooong tests. They might be trying to rule out a case of Fluffy purely being "highly intelligent" vs. Fluffy being "highly intelligent with autism." This is not to say that testing children as young as Fluffy for looong stretches of time is ok. In my son's case, I wrote a letter to the School Board afterwards about their testing procedures being so out-dated, their toy cars are of the 1960's model. (well, I didn't mention about the cars but you you know what I mean)

Re: the party test. It's probably about whether Fluffy relates more with people than with objects. People-oriented answers, vs. object-oriented answers. But when you're as young as Fluffy, why would you want to be responsible for the who, what, where and when? Isn't that what grown-ups are for?



I'm with Fluffy. And also, I'd add one, with a follow-up: will there be ice cream, to go with the cake, and if so, what kind?


Your post reminds me of Owen's testing a few weeks ago. The speech/language pathologist told him that a group of children were selling cookbooks to raise money. She then asked him what he would say to someone interested in one of the cookbooks. Owen's reply was "94 cents." I smiled, the examiner winced.
My boy is meat and potatoes- no filler, no nonsense.
Fluffy is amazing. May he continue to ask questions and revel in being himself forever!


Are you going to tell me the answer to the motel question or not?

(psst, it is really me Cheryl not the long dead revolutionary, the living one)


I cannot comment...this is very upsetting to me. I hope your walk at the beach this Sunday will be refreshing for all of you.


Wow, this is crazy. Obviously the testing madness continues forever. Coincidentally, this morning was John's official "transition testing" to help aid the EI team in a placement for him when he turns 3 this summer. We watched the testing from the one-way mirror and I was so upset by how they grilled him (he's 2, people, and he has autism!) and made him sit at a table for 30 minute stretches--impossible.

Anyways, I was doing my own pacing and growling today, so I can just see how you felt. I loved Fluffy's answers too, btw, thought they were very real.


This is insane!!!!!I hate those test!!!

Joel S

are they kidding? What do they expect a kid his age to list as important party information? Geeze, I still consider "what type of party" to be highly relevant. Are we talking dinner and video games? hanging out? pool party? pfft.

obviously the test is aimed at older children. He understood the question, but has different values.

The test therefore is meaningless as it is not asking questions that are appropriate.



I'm still trying to figure out that motel question. What?

drama mama

I want to laugh and cry at the same time.

One, because Fluffy thinks the way I do; screw everything else...WHAT FLAVOR is the effing frosting...


Two, because the "testing" is so utterly ridiculous, so utterly RIGID and unyielding in its very structure and make up, it is virtually meaningless. And a little weird. I mean, what NT kid would willingly go with a strange (-ish) adult to answer pointless and boring questions FOR OVER AN HOUR? I observe the other NT kids in my daughter's class, and I tell you, the only kid that HAS to answer boring questions with strangers is her. The one in Spec Ed. The NT kids wouldn't have the patience for it. What's wrong with this picture?

I guess the Law of Attraction/Course in Miracles spin is this; everything is not what it appears to be. All of this is really meaningless, and YOU know Fluffy, his potential, and who he is right now. Only you have that distinct pleasure. Don't give it any more energy than a fleeting thought. Give Fluffy the energy instead. Then it has a meaningful end.



I can't come up with more than two details for that question--day and time. What else? What on EARTH are they looking for? I can STILL remember IQ testing from kindergarten. They did, they tested IQ in kindergarten, and it was very stressful, they put paper over the windows in the door and tried to make it seem like a game but we all knew--I did, anyway, and I'm sure everyone else did, too--that this was Very, Very Important and we'd better not Mess Up. WHO NEEDS THAT STRESS? I can remember it now, nearly 30 years later.

I am so anti-school. I'm sorry. I can't seem to keep my own biases out of my commenting, 'tho I'm trying...


lola's mom, mom-nos, and liesel, ! i agree completely! for a six year old--dare i say seven year old, what more would you need to say? theme, games, cake and the all important frosting. ta DA! the end!

alice, i LOVE your son's answer!

kristina, i agree. :)

and vicki, yes, insane. the questions blew my mind. every one had new characters in it. tommy said to his friend kathy that leo was sad because his grandmother died... next question: susie's coach called the principal to see if jane had announced the notice for the bus pick up on the loud speaker... next question, daniel's younger brother, billy, was playing with his neighbor, nathaniel...

couldn't they come up with two or three characters and use them over and over? also, it was all centered around school life. fluffy knows nothing of school life, bus pick-ups and tournaments, teacher tests, homework, etc.


poor fluffy was off for the rest of the day--upset, agitated, exhausted, bothered by the whole ordeal. and the worst part is we have to go back for the psych eval in two parts.

ah well. we'll find a way to Law of Attraction the whole thing...


I loved Fluffy's answers! Cake, frosting, party theme, and games/prizes - those are the only details that matter to 6 year olds. Date, time and place? Pfft ... leave those boring details to the adults.


Sounds as if he has a very high "ceiling". Too bad they had to push so far, though.

I wonder who comes up with those tests? The scoring must be very subjective.

When they were testing my older son (the NT one), they said to him, "A mouse is little, an elephant is..." and he answered "having a trunk".


One could say that that "0" was the testers' grade for themselves.


If I were the person administering the test (and I wouldn't be, because those sorts of tests make my head pop off), I would have listened to Fluffy's answer, left the little box blank, and written in the margin: "Good sense of priorities."

Vicki Forman

Okay, that's INSANE. I mean, just downright INSANE. I'm so sorry....

Liesel Elliott

Oh my goodness! Now I feel so lucky that Daniel was tested at school. I think Fluffy's answer was right on the mark! I mean I'm sure they are looking for: Date, Time, address and...? But from Fluffy's point of view - They already said it was at HIS house. And any friend would know where that is already. And When is the party? Why NOW! of course!

How was he when the testing was all over? Was he stressed about his answers?

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