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Your article let I have learned a lot.


Amen to that! I tell you one thing, we wouldn't be in Iraq right now. He would be trying to do something about the planet we live in! I still remember that day, I still can't believe what happened.

Oh and I'm totally thinking about getting that video. I saw the infomerical today ...for the first time. I have the same fight on my hands.... :) !

Good to read that Fluffy is progressing nicely. "The Little One" is gaining words regularly. He's not at his age level...yet.

Take care!


Oh how I laughed about the fight, the great fight against cellulite. I need some soldiers at my house, maybe the Yoga Bootie is just the thing...

And I watched the Al Gore film and immediately changed all my lightbulbs. I mean, is it really this simple? Why can't we all just do that one small thing?

drama mama

Dude, you are brilliant. Cellulite Every Day indeed.

Zoom in on my gelatinous behind, shots of me running in slow motion, writhing on the floor trying to pull on my pants. The camera tight on my husband's face. "It's like this 24 hours a day. There's no getting through to her" as camera cuts back to various shots of me screaming.
Cue ominous music.

No disrespect to the Autism Speaks folks, but I am OVER the fear and on to the love love love - even if it means loving my quivering buttocks.

Ah, what would I do without you and your posts, Kyra?

I am running out the door to buy that book - it's on sale at Starbuck's The Evil Empire That I Cannot Resist, for God's sake.

And that Al Gore? He can't fight the sexy. Brains and compassion. I'd hit it. Anyone else?


Hi I just stumbled across your site and it caught my attention. My Mom in Love works reguarly with families with Autism Spectrum working from a sensory integration perspective. I don't know what you do with your kids or not do but She has a lot of great reasources on her site.
Best wishes


YTCMU! (You totally crack me up.) I want to see that video Cellulite Every Day. We gotta a whole lotta cellulite everyday over here too.

Today though, I am, for some reason feeling desperate about autism. Not my usual state of mind, but certainly the state today. Thankfully you cracked me up, and the desperation is leaking out over the cellulite into little puddles that are evaporating next to the radiator that is on even though it is 65 degrees and there is nothing we can do about it because our landlord doesn't put a thermosat into the building, so it's either off or on.

Over here we not only have global warming, we have apartment warming contribuing to the global warming. Sometimes we have to turn on the AC in the middle of winter. It's nuts.

March Day

"I don’t feel DESPERATE about autism. It’s not a nightmare. But my butt is."

Oh, I am so echoing you on that statment! When you get that video made, could ya send it my way? My butt needs all the help it can get!

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