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This article is very good. I'd like it.

ed hardy

Come on over and weigh in on how you let your man take over so you can get the break you deserve.

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Thank you. I learned a lot from your article.

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This article is very good. I'd like it.

John Elder Robison

Once your son gets bigger you may discover that everything in the article applies to getting him to do stuff, too.

I enjoyed your story.


Hi there Kyra! Just found you through your comment on Doolittle--guess you came over from Fearless Friday and YAY! I have two ASD kids and have AS myself, and am always interested in how other parents manage various situations--I read your post about the blood test and yay for you for being so creative and wise, and not letting the ped. bulldoze you.


i can't comment there because i'm not a member or whatever but wow, I didn't even realize it was YOU writing! It sounded so...trained professional! Rock on, girl!

drama mama

I pretty much break every single rule every day. But now that we are in Marriage Counseling, now we talk about how we FEEL about me breaking every single rule every day.

It's a start.

Great article!

Ann D

I wanted to comment on your post over there, but they don't seem to be set up to accept posts from Canadian bloggers. (It's the old "address must match state and zip code" problem.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'd be completely around the bend (or more around the bend), if it wasn't for the support of my hubby. Right now, he's driving across town to get me a file folder I left at home this morning. He took a day off to do odd jobs. So far he's cut the lawn at the office, worked on Florence's computer, brought me coffee, and now he's helping me by getting that file folder. He is THE BEST. I'm so glad I took that horribly boring geography class in 1978 so I had the opportunity to meet him. (We're high school sweethearts.)


Love it! Good suggestions all. And regarding #1, I was just assuring my kids yesterday that we didn't need to hide a surprise Father's Day cake behind the couch (ants, anyone?), we can "hide" it in the kitchen because Daddy simply doesn't see things. If he can't see the dirt in the bathroom--and he truly doesn't see it--hiding a cake will be NO PROBLEM!

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