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wow. thanks to you ALL for identifying, commenting, and pulling me up off the floor!

i have lost it before and i'll lose it again, i'm sure. i'll just keep apologizing to fluffy and hopefully he'll learn that everyone makes mistakes. in fact, i'd never intentionally lose it, but i think it does provide a real opportunity to learn about our human-ness, our limits, and how to make repairs, as long as we talk about it and keep it on the open.


You, an idiot? Nonsense! I just blogged over at Autism's Edges about the spring fever everyone is having. I lost it over a bottle of liquid soap! Hey, we all lose it, we're people.


I think you are such a FABULOUS WRITER. This is a wonderful post, my dear. You captured it all.

My favorite new "swear word" is Holy Kit-Kats! (A joyful sort of thing.) I'm not as pleased with gosh darnit, because it just doesn't have the kick of my pre- kid swearing. Alas.


Gee, you've just described a few episodes from my life with my special boys. We all "lose it"'s called being a human mom. But like you, I beat myself up quite a bit over these moments and all the while my boys are forgiving. Still, it isn't the way I want to ever respond, and it certainly is not THE way to respond, but it is human.

Have a good day. :)

~ danielle

you are not an idiot, you are a human. Fluffy will forgive you, he probably already has.


WOW....I can so relate to this post!


Please don't call yourself an idiot :-(

We have, all of us, had BadMama moments.


I am with Wendy, I need more patience and I agree that you're NOT an idiot. We all lose our temper and no one is perfect. So take a deep breath, relax, and know that you are an incredible mommy to Fluffy!


Getting mad at our kids and at ourselves if all part of it----that parenting thing! I've had people tell me that how could I get made at Charlie---he does things and "how can he understand?"----But of course he very much does!

John Elder Robison

Moms like you are the best. When I was little, and my brother - Snort or Varmint, I called him - would fling food, I'd chain him up in the basement so I'd be safely away from his messes.

I'm sure - even if you swear a little bit - you would never chain Fluffy to the oil tank.

And look at my brother now. He turned out just fine. We even build houses right next to each other three years ago.

He usually behaves OK now. He never throws food.

Vicki Forman

I'm with Kim. Everyone needs to drop a big old f-bomb every once in a while. You go girl.


I have turned my "shit" into "sugar" while around the kids, but I have been known to let a "shit" slip out once and a while.


I'm laughing and crying right along with you! I'm glad everything resolved itself.

a mommy

We all lose it sometimes. It's just HARD to get it all done, especially with the constraints in question. Talking about it is the key, I think. I have read situations wrong and punished my sweet ones unjustly many times. Good news is, I think we can all remember things like this happening to us - and we're still talking to our parents and mostly well adjusted (well, most of us anyway).

I also swear like a sailor, and have been working very hard not to in front of the children. Though I think there are worse things in the world than them knowing swear words exist and that they aren't nice and that mommy does things occasionally that are not nice.


gosh darn entertaining post!


we have a theortical swear jar which, if we used it, would claim ALL of my income.


I lose it alot! I am horrible with the swearing and Big Brother has joined the ranks of swearers as well. It's a habit for me and a stress reliever.
It was just a misunderstanding is all, you are an awesome Mom, don't be so hard on yourself :)

Club 166

You mean I'm not the only person that loses it occasionally?

I feel so much better now.



Fucking hell. You are flexible, too. Please remind me to put a fiver in that cock sucking Swear Jar when I get up there.


It is good for your kids to hear you say that you did something wrong and are sorry. A lot of parents won't go there, but I have found over and over that kids are very forgiving and it makes it easier for them to say it to others.

I once got mad because one of the kids left out the flour and for whatever reason threw it across the room where it flew everywhere. Turns out they were trying to make cookies. For me.

Bad Mommy. We all have those days.


I've had so many moments like this. It doesn't take much for me to lose my temper. If there's anything I've ever wanted more's patience. I just don't have any. So, like you, I end up apologizing and apologizing for screaming when it wasn't necessary. But I also think we have a lot more on our plates than most people. And I also think you're a wonderful mommy and one mommy mistake every once in awhile is to be expected. No one's perfect.

And you're not an idiot.

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