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ed hardy

one that may 'seem strange to some' but that makes perfect sense to her. It's a world where:

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We'd like to be put in the drawing for 'Autism Planet'. I just recently purchased
'Different Like Me', and I really enjoyed reading it with my daughter Ashlyn (8). Loryn (5), also Autistic, is still mostly non-verbal and would probably never sit still for me to read to her. Oh well...I'll hold onto it for the future.

Paige (in Virginia)

Harvest Mom

I'm sure J would love this book! Thanks for the review, sounds like a nice book for ALL kids to read!

March Day

Oooooh, this book sounds very good! Please sign me up for the drawing.

BTW, I've been meaning to tell you that we picked up Dave's "Another Day in the Milky Way" a while ago. Both kids love the book and giggle every time we read it. We may just have to order some more of his books!

drama mama

MMMMMmmmm. Autism lit. Yummy. And GOOD autism lit, without syrupy metaphors about "differentness".

Put our name in for the draw, but know that if we don't win, we'll be snapping it up and probably buying copies for others.

We love a good book around here.


Thanks for the review! We'll look for it at the library.


Sounds like a great book. Would love a copy to read to my boys :-)


It sounds like a wonderful book - please put Gracie's name in for the drawing. I think she would like it.

I like the cover too, you know how important artwork is!

I am catching up on your posts.


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