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March Day

There you go again, describing exactly what I often feel....


I love the break section, love as always the way Fluffy is able to articulate what's going on for him.

The back-and-forth reminds me a little of Anne Lamott's radio station k*fkd (in Bird by Bird, I don't have my copy to hand, but you might?). It makes sense to try to tune it out.

Off to my break section.


Given that our son is 19 and Lovas (ABA)was our only mantra for several years,we had to re-evaluate how RDI could polish off the edges of his automoton-like responses. It's like teaching an old dog new tricks.
Having said that, his intellect is sometimes wise to the jive, and we were in the supermarket recently, he wanted pineapple juice. I asked him to find it. He said that he didn't see it... I waited. He said well, there just isn't any.. I said that I did see it. (The wait was endless...I wanted to get home..I could have just grabbed the juice) I waited. He repeated that there wasn't any. I worried that he might yell, in the supermarket. I waited. I said I see it. He said for me to go get it. I said he should get it. Finally, with all of his therapist-induced language: "Why don't you just try REFERENCING it!"
It was at that moment, that I needed the Break Section, not from frustration, but to shed a few tears and a laugh or two.


Wow Fluffy! That is awesome. I think we'll all make it if we listen to him. Thanks Kyra. That's just brilliante!

drama mama

Love that Dave. Love that Fluffy. Love his brazilliance.
Love you.


I'm glad you're posting again about you and the amazing, articulate, deep-thinking Fluffy. I missed you. I tried to comment on the "blocked" post, and tried to email, and felt utterly incapable, because I feel the same way--I want another baby, my husband doesn't (maybe he'll change his mind? who knows), but who am I to complain? I have two. So I never managed the comment, or the email. But I am sorry for your sadness, which is the main point.


I love this post. I love the break section. I love knowing that I am not the only mother out there flipping back and forth between "he's okay/he's not going to make it" about 75,000 times a day.

Go give Fluffy a big hug for me. He's one smart little guy.


Wow, that Fluffy is one deep little guy. Holy Sh**. A break section? What amazes me is his articulation of the complexities of it and why he doesn't answer and so forth. He's HOW OLD going on 40? Yeah, I definitely need a break section...'cause I think I broke today.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

So perfect! Exactly how we feel about Scott, he's OK, he's not. I am always thinking "what is he not getting", but, maybe when he tunes me out when I am crazy he is actually coping better. His own Break Section. Boy do I need one. Thanks, Fluffy for teaching us all and thank you Kyra for sharing!


You know what? I think Fluffy watches you too, alternatively going "she'll be fine" and "she won't make it".


Amazing, a break section, huh! That is just the coolest thing I have heard in a very long time. Thanks for sharing.

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