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Your article let I have learned a lot.


Everyone is as good as everyone else!
Wish more people would remember that!!


Thank you, my 15 year old daughter is hurting so badly. Feels so lonely, like a freak. They say she is on spectrum possible or Bi-polar, but given tons of meds for Bi-polar. So bright, creative, drawing, writing, singing,acting, I am going to share this with her. Many thanks and blessings.


K., there is something for you over at my site, bottom of today's post.
Love ya.

melody is slurping life

Ditto what drama mama said.

Thank you for sharing so eloquently. I often lurk here but seldom comment...I'll do better about that.

Her Bad Mother

Beautiful, perfect. Am orderng, stat.


This is lovely. What a wonderful post.

p.s. I tagged you with a blogger award. Check it out on my blog.


Yeah. I'm going to see if I can get a copy on interlibrary loan.

Unbelieveably, no one in my family has ever commented to me about Oliver's autism diagnosis. Except my brother who has problems of his own. His comment? "Just whatever you do, don't let him ride the short bus."

Ian Parker

"Everybody is as good as everybody else. Some people are better than others at some things and some people are worse than others at some things and some people are the same at things as others but everyone is as good as everybody else."


Reading pgs 16 and 17 of the book from the previewer was one of the most depressing things I've done in a while. My daughter will be riding the short bus ('segregated transportation') starting in September this year. Until reading that, it never occurred to me (growing up in an environment with neither busing nor inclusion) that she might be marked by or ridiculed for this.

I trust your recommendation. And I trust that the author will take ownership of and redefine the short bus experience. But I also hope that the Bear's classmates share Fluffy's wisdom.


Definitely choose option B! Thank you for sharing this title. My older daughter and I might enjoy this book.

drama mama

I SO trust your opinion. Ordered. Cannot wait.

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