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Glad it all went well!
Im never going to move again!


I found an 'Autism guide' for parents and teachers on the website of the National Education Association (NEA). It has a LOT of good info that parents should make sure their school district and teachers of your children have AND use. I thought you and or your readers would find it useful.

I have more details and the link on our blog.

Good luck!


So basically they're not exaggerating - moving house is one of the three most stressful things you can experience.
Best wishes

Michelle O'Neil

Oh...what a sweet boy! I am stealing wibbly wobbly. Totally.

Ian Parker

Despite being a pain to actually do, moving can be such a great fresh start and new beginning.

("So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverley" - sorry, couldn't resist...)

Congratulations on a successful move, and congratulations to Fluffy for handling it so well.

Eileen (Mamaroo)

So exciting! Hope you are all getting settled into the weekend house turned new home. Looking forward to reading about the new adventures that await you all with this new beginning.

karen in ca

Oh what a wonderful post! I'm so excited for you.

We moved in the summer of 2006, under much different circumstances (we had to leave my abusive husband...) and I am lucky enough to have rather large group of friends who moved all our stuff for us. When we got to our new apartment, it looked like "home" and this made a HUGE difference to both of my sons. And to me too!

Best wishes with homeschooling. I hope you'll let us know how it's going soon. I'm sure we could all learn from your experiences in that realm, whether we homeschool or not.

xoxo karen
P.S. I am loving that book you sent me! Thanks again. :-)


Wishing you all the best!


Carry on Fluffy! Onward and upward to your beautiful family!

susan e

Wow-way to go Fluffy! He's such a thoughtful little guy. This sounds like a marvelous new beginning for you all.


i love your words about the complete circle of the past seven years. all the growth you never could conceive and then you simply become. it's amazing. i also have moved alot in my life and i often feel that tugging at me to pick up again, and then that constant craving for the need of 'home'.

i'm so glad that you found a place, and that it was different and that was an exciting and positive thing in the end.

so, congratulations and happy moving! i can't wait to hear more about homeschooling.


I love when they surprise us (and when we realize they are so much like us). I'm so happy for you all and I can't wait for more posts from the no-longer-weekend home.


And we just moved too----not into a "weekend home" (though we hope ever for a beach house, someday!). It was when we got Charlie's bed set up and the sheets in place and the binder for his home tutoring out and his clothes on the shelves that he smiled and jumped on the bed, and burrowed his face in fleece.

While bringing in the boxes is a bother (and I pulled a muscle and am still feeling the twinge!), I like the thought of a new beginning. New hopes, new home adventures!

Warm regards!

~ danielle

I'm so glad the transition went (relatively) smoothly! I love surprises like that. Thanks again for the book... I'm enjoying it (just started it yesterday, it's addicting in that soap opera kind of way, though much better of course).

Hope your unpacking goes more smoothly than mine has! xo smooches ox


Happy new home!


I can't even imagine what's involved in keeping two houses up and running (I struggle with one) but I give you all tremendous credit for taking such a brave step and making the change your family needed.

And as for Fluffy? Sounds like he's growing up to be a wise little man. All the best, Kyra, to you and to yours!!


So happy for you and what's in store over there!!! Congratulations on the ease of it all. Good luck on your first day of school!


I'm so glad it went well! And a little bit envious that you get to live in a weekend house all year long...I wish you all the best--sounds like a remarkable transition!


Whew! I've been thinking about you guys all week. So glad the move went well and that Fluffy seems to have made a fairly smooth transition. Wow, I love how articulate he was in expressing his feelings. And the concept of being different in a different place...pretty deep thinking for a little guy.

Wishing you all peaceful transitions and smooth sailing!


I'm so happy to hear that you are safely ensconced in your newest home. And I love Fluffy's question about whether you have to be different when you're in a different place. Of course you don't! you are always you. But it's nice to imagine how some things could be different, if you wanted them to be. Mazel tov!

drama mama

As someone who has had to move twice in the last year due to renovations, I stand and applaud my favorite family for a pretty smooth transition. Fluffy is a star, a STAR, I tell you. My God. Imagine what COULD have happened. This is heady stuff for anyone to process. Look at him. Look at the cubby shift! The embracing of the new/old place!

One thought keeps emerging as I think of your move. In Spanish, to give birth is referred to as "Dar la luz," which literally means "Give the light."
I think that this is a birth, a shedding, a walk into a light that will cement and ground and embrace your family with loving arms.
Mazel Tov, my Darlings.


I always feel all wibbly wobbly about moving, too. I wish you all the best out there in Northampton. I'm sorry we never got to meet in person but am still hopeful that we may someday. (You live near the HUGEST yarn store, one I also hope to meet in person one day.)


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