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mel from freak parade

I was so happy when I saw you had updated in my feedreader.

Fluffy is far and away my favorite little guy to read about. He is so amazingly profound. You must just be in awe everyday.

Hooray for going to sleep on his own. That is awesome!


I will dance with you!


Outstanding...all of it. The sky, the dancing and the "crashing boy," the big boy at bed time. Life is beautiful when we take the time to see it, isn't it? And Mom? You done good.

I've missed you, Kyra. Fluffy, too!

drama mama

Jesus. Can you please make the film already? Or write the book? I am dancing and crashing myself, knowing how HUGE this is for both of you. He is indeed a big boy. And dancing. All of you. Dancing With the Stars.


What a wonderful, wonderful post! I do love your writing.

~ danielle

what a happy surprise to skip by here (I swear, I don't check EVERY day) and see a post from you, horray! what a *huge* step for you and Fluffy. Bub is on his way there too, in fact tonight I didn't even have to be on the same floor of the house and there was singing and "bed time exercises" and finally just quiet. I wonder if some of it (a teeny tiny part of it) is just plain old natural maturity, yk? It's so hard to pick through all the AS stuff and figure out what would have just happened anyway, isn't it? Regardless, a very treasured milestone indeed.

Jenn, mom to 2

Aw, I'm so happy for you, and for Fluffy too!

This is such a big accomplishment!

You captured it so eloquently. It brought tears to my eyes.


This is my first time reading your blog and it is wonderful. I love the fact that your son has made that big step. We have the same night dilemma here but I just remind myself that they are only small for a short time in the spectrum of time.
Congrats on the BIG STEP!


Kyra, so good to see you again. And it's always so lovely to read the wisdom and strength that is Fluffy. You guys make me smile. Again and again. And sometimes you make me cry, but always, always, you give me hope.


Tears are streaming down my face! What a beautiful boy you have and how lucky he is to have you for a Mom. Truly inspirational. You must be so proud.



This brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful, for all of you. This is a huge step. Go Fluffy! (And as always, your writing is graceful and absolutely brought the scenes alive for me!)


Oh, Kyra! I've been thinking about you, looking for you, missing your writing! I hope this posting means you're back because I know I'm not alone when I say I've been watching this spot. And wishing you well. I'm so glad you and fluffy are well.



Very beautiful. I look forward to that day with my son. Though I know that I will miss the need that he has for me right now.


oh so sweet. congratulations to both of you for crossing that threshold. that growth, safety, and comfort. beautiful words of knowledge by fluffy and beautiful writing by you!

karen in ca

Your post made me so happy. What Fluffy said about the boy asking him to dance made me cry. Thank you for using your writing talents to inspire me.


Lori at Spinning Yellow

This is wonderful! It is so great to read about you and Fluffy again, I've missed you both. So glad you were able to enjoy the dancing, the stars, and sleeping. Hooray!

Vicki Forman

That's just lovely.


Wowie. That means you're precariously close to having someone else put him to bed and that opens up so many possibilities. Congratulations honey. You did it and so did he!!! Love you,


OMG. It's so good to read your writing again. And you know you give me hope. Much love,


Wow. I think I know how huge that is. And I'm celebrating it with you! Then inviting Fluffy over to teach Leo all about it. Love love to you all.

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