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hi jordon--yes, very RDI! we do this kind of thing every day as well, though it's hard with fluffy these days--he's often 'onto me' and is bothered by being tricked, saying things like, oh mommy! don't do that THING where you pretend you don't know so you can teach me something!


I love this! In fact, I love this whole blog! But what I love about this particular post is from an SLP standpoint: the fact that you did what I do every day - making those mistakes on purpose!! That's very RDI, though, isn't it?


Kristina Chew

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes....and getting better all the time!

Charlie seems to be at the end of a ketchup-obsession stage. What did it was "over-saturation": I made ketchup available, reasoning that there are worse things to get into one's system-----except for those McD's packets, interest has waned.


Good on ya Fluffy! Change is good!


Mmmm, McDonald's! I don't think my kids would trust me with the fries and ketchup. I'm glad Fluffy trusts you, and knows what to do! Bravo to you both.

Jenn, mom to 2

You sly fox, you! I'm gona have to try that one sometime ;)

Special Needs Mama

This is incredible. I feel like giving you the assignment of going back to when you first started this blog, just to see in person how many millions and gazillions of changes there really have been around here!


Wow! Change is very, very good. It's moments like this that make me realize how far we have come. And McDonalds is an effective bribe for us over here.


He left the fries and the ketchup? Fluffy is, truly, a superstar. And you are his fabulous guiding light.

By the way, I've finally given in to McDonald's as well. Now that I've accepted it, I find it comes in handy for many of life's lessons.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. I am trying, really. Fluffy is so lucky to have you to teach him to embrace the unexpected and to step away from the fries and beloved ketchup.



drama mama

You are a Drama Mama too! Yes! I love the little scenarios and situations - it's so fun! I love that you have give the opportunity to think- to change - to grow - to leave the fries.

I'm kvelling over this. Chchchchanges, as my good friend David Bowie sings. Love it.

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