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Moi ;)

Yay!!! Fluffy Rocks!!!!

That's the coolest video I've seen all week. And most fun!!! :D



Ok, now you, Fluffy & Dave have totally motivated me to try this with Andrew and Brian. Andrew's aide mentioned last year how he loved watching the kids on playground jumping rope. I need a good jump rope. Is that the one Fluffy made? I love it, you can tell it's a good one, nice and heavy.


I think Joanna Cole has such a book? I'll check around. Til then, jump on! I love it. Soon you'll be adding a rope and doing some double dutch.


it IS so wonderful to have dave with us for morning circle though we've sort of got him held hostage as he works at home, only a spiral staircase away.

i wish i had taken a movie of where we started, jumping over a rope laying flat on the ground. fluffy added that jump and turn move on his own.

i need a book of jump rope games and verse. any ideas?


AWESOME Fluffy!!! I love videos- they make the kids so much more real and squeezable to me! I love that (I think) I can hear him huffing and puffing as he jumps! I love the way he jumps into your lap! Totally needed this today.

Harvest Mom

Ok, that does it, go give Dave a hug from me RIGHT NOW!!!! He totally rocks being involved in your morning circle like that. I wish The Map Man could be more involved with our day-to-day stuff (and I know he wishes that too). Your man is completely righteous! :-)


The kids got style! I loved when he gave you a big hug after he finished jumping rope. Way to go Fluffy, keep jumping!


Hi Kyra,
what an awesome video, wow, its so great to hear all the great progress you are making with Fluffy!! It was great to see all 3 of you!!Just makes me cry too how far you have come, you are so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drama mama


I cried.

I love watching you and Dave work with Fluffy.

Beautiful. I also really dig Fluffy's jumping style. The kid's got verve.

~Miss Nelson

I am always happy when I see both parents working with children. This is beautiful!


Wow, the joy and energy simply radiates from Fluffy as he's jumping! Very fancy maneuver, too, that turning around as he jumped! I am impressed. Can't wait to read about how you got here...

Lori at Spinning Yellow

I love these movies of you doing the homeschooling thing. I am in awe of your kindness and energy.

This was wonderful, seeing Fluffy jump the rope and then hug you with such joy and sense of accomplishment.


WOWWEEEE!! That's so great!!!

patry francis

This made me smile. Someday I'm going to have that kind of energy again!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all your support. xox


Wow. What a great team you three are! Loved it!

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