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The downswings are not fun. Hang in there.


I'm with you on the downswing. I just hope I don't bring the kids down with me. xo.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

You do do the downswing well, but I am sending positive thoughts for the pendulum to swing back. Before you cut off any more hair, b/c even though I like the new do, I miss the pigtails, too!!

I completely agree about how if the kid is doing well = I am doing well.

What sue said, yes that: I love you and your little bit 'o crazy.

drama mama


I know from the malaise. And the weight. And the icky.

It'll pass. Don't punch me for saying that. Glad you're taking care. Mine lasted for a bit longer than usual but the exercise, the healthy eating and the showing up every day helped.

I miss the pigtails, but you know what?

You're sexy-hot in the new picture.

Gamine and very Audrey Hepburn.

Kristina Chew

I have a smaller stack of prescription slips that I need to make appointments for-----pre-spring doldrums, it is. love those ducklings all the time.


Ach, the French. Whatever. Is this a bad time to yell at you for cutting your pigtail-riffic hair? Probably, I know. Listen, it sucks. I too send hugs. But I have to say, today was finally warm outside (50s) and I spent a couple of hours outside with the kids and I feel like a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HUMAN BEING. This winter has been long and shitty, and it's going to be over soon. Thanks for reminding me of the crocuses. You know, we bought some tulips recently and placed them strategically around the house - that helped, too. But anyway, I'm tired and rambling, and just wanting to say that I hope you feel better soon and I'm glad you're doing all this testing and I hope you can get on a train and see us in NYC in a few weeks so I can give you a hug in person!

That is all.


Oh sweetie, I have been thinking of you for days and wondered if you were ok. I won't insult you with platitudes. What you are going through sucks major weenie, ok? It does. I wish I could be there to help you out, to give you a break. To run my fingers through your adorably short hair (um, that came out funny...but I think you understand, yes?) and soothe your aching, tired spirit.

I hope the testing reveals something that will help point you in a direction back to health and vitality.

And the tough stuff with Fluffy? It WILL settle again. I wonder if he picks up on your frazzled energy and that unbalances his own sense of equilibrium in his world?

I am sending you love, lots of love, my friend. xoxo


Oh man, I laughed so hard at the vision of Dave looking for medical attention in the powder room that my teenager voluntarily stuck her head out of her room and said "what is so funny?" And you know I love Dave....but it WAS funny and him all over.

I am sorry you guys are struggling, we are too and it sucks. Just when you thought you had it all figured out - BAM - you get hit with something for the grace of god you didn't see coming!

Hang in there, sweetie. We are pulling for you.



I loved that book Trumpet of the Swan. Hugs. I hope you get more energy soon. I am still having energy problems and have yet to do my testing for it. Bad. Joe is not pleased with me.


Um, yes. To most of it. Except, you are not fat. And I've been pondering cutting my hair, too, and I think yours looks great. And I just don't eat when I'm depressed, which has its own problems.

How is it that we couldn't be struggling when our kids are? What's worse, to be too attached, or too detached? I think detached is worse.

And taking a ride on the swan boats is so much fun, especially with a kid who is enchanted by boats and the story! Spring has GOT to come. Our new car tells me the temperature outside, and lately, it's more than I need to know. 34 degrees again? Anyone would feel manic by this point.

And finally, that doctor sounds good. Good luck with the lab tests.

Karen in CA

Oh boy can I relate. I just finished having the flu and I'm celebrating that I lost a few pounds and that my illness has temporarily made food unflattering to me. Depression makes me eat a LOT -- I call it Recreational Carb Binging.

French women can speak FRENCH for gosh sake. How could they be depressed and craving carbs!

Happy kids = happy mom.

I couldn't agree more.


It's completely unfair that you get to be on the downswing and still look cute. You impulsively cut your hair...yet still look stylish. So wrong. I go on the downswing and...woo, it's no good. Homeless people stop me in the street and give me whatever spare change they have.

Hmm. Now that I think about it, you should market this (completely unfair) skill of yours. Sell little 20 dollar kits of Kyra's Downswing Makeover!

"Take one part attitude. One part dry wit. One haircut. Mix well. Enjoy newfound adorability."

I'll take three.


man o man. I love you and heck, we haven't even met. Thank you for your honesty and your little bit o crazy too. I feel it. over and over. I feel it too. Just a bunch of ladies doin' the best we can.


Sending you a hug. Or two. Maybe a whole bunch. And someone to play with Fluffy and to clean your bathroom and to listen to Dave's heartbeat and to hold your hand while your blood is being drawn, because I love you and I don't want you to feel so overwhelmed. (And your hair? It's adorable. And you are not fat. And what do Frenchwomen know anyway???)

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