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I think the freecycle moderator might be in the midst of a psychotic breakdown or something. That's not right at all!

Michelle O'Neil

The free cycle nazi! No soup for you. Come back three months!


hi Brenda! so nice to see you! we've reported the freecycle general. i'll let you know what happens. so lucky that you live next door to my dear sister-in-law! i'm jealous!

and thank you Em and Jess! so good to know that i'm not alone with the brain fog.

sweet hellos right back to you, kristen. you will always feel like a neighbor to me. : )


Oh my god. I have missed you. Welcome back, neighbor. ;-)


in my house, we have what 's called a 'shelf elf' .. it's an adorable pre-christmas tradition of a little elf who shows up each dec 1 and lives in the house til xmas. each night, the story goes, he heads back to the north pole to tell santa what he's learned during the day. when he arrives back the next morning, he chooses a different spot in the house from which to spy on the inhabitants.

the girls get up (well, my older one at least as kenz has yet to really give a hoot) and go searching for scouter's 'new spot.'

except that 3 nights out of nine so far this year, the elves who move the damned elf have fallen down on the job. we started with 'wow, he must really have liked that vantage point. i guess he decided to try it again' and moved to 'hmm, maybe he's jet lagged and has his internal clock got messed up. i wonder if he might move during the day today.' and of course, the distract and run ahead method has been perfected.

sad, really. social services will no doubt come to the door soon, clipboard in hand, wanting to know why the damn elf hasn't been moved in days.

so um, yeah .. you are not alone, little miss delinquent tooth fairy.

as for freecycle man .. i mean, reeeeeeeally? reeeeeally? there's a name for him, but i don't dare.


First of all, the tooth fairy story is hilarious.

Second, you should report that Freecycle nerd. Freecyclers DO have to abide by national rules, but that goes for the moderators too. He is NOT abiding by the Freecycle Mod Oath (I kid you not) -

My understanding is that if you post a "naughty" thing (like your "come and get it" post - which IS expressively forbidden!) - your punishment should be that you are moderated, NOT banned from the list. Check out the moderator FAQ:

Clearly this guy has authority issues. Don't give up on Freecycle!

(Annie's neighbor and This Mom reader)


Drop by any day...just bring some tea for me.

We've done the same thing with the tooth fairy gig...completely forgotten. Somehow we always managed to distract and delay while we got money into the sheets so we could proudly exclaim "oh look, it was here the whole time!"

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