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I had a friend in Jersey who wanted that surgery. I was aghast when she told me. Why is it people who are usually perfectly healthy want to do things like that? I don't get it. Not at all.


I just snorted some cofee too

u r sooo funny



i had no idea i was STILL supposed to be concerned about these things. dorito?? hedgehog??


I'd have to lift up the flap that is my stomach after three c-sections in order to even see what's going on down there. The reason why I really need to sign up for your diet program. January, here I come!


you are f**king hilarous. pardon my hidden french. the dorito! the hedgehog! my sides are aching. thanks for the laughs.

~ danielle

Oh how I heart thee... thanks for this post, I needed a good chuckle about my lady bits.


I had to add...

"there was a time long ago when I sat on the bathroom floor with my own mirror but the whole scene was so complicated I gave up."

Now you know how the vast majority of guys feel. We're simple. One location...quite easy to interpret, visually speaking. Ladies? WAY more complicated. I refuse to embark on any romantic endeavors unless I have my trusty love kit:


Sort of hurts the mood when I break out the last two...but still. It's necessary.


Oh my goodness! What a great post! I'm laughing out loud. Who knew so much thought was put into hair down there.



Bwahahahahahah! I just spewed coffee all over my desk! Holy Sh*t! Um, TMI alert but I can tell ya, the Brazilian thing...OMFG OMFG OMFG. Never again.

And MO'N, your comment about made me lose it again! ROFLMAO

Kyra, doll, I've missed your voice!

incipient M


My knowledge of feminine hair issues just quadrupled.

I would say it's increased more, but I'm not sure what the words are for that.



i'm with you, M! step away from the labia. unless you are there strictly to celebrate and, well, i'll stop right there...


Holy. Shit. I can't believe women put themselves through these Brazilian wax things, let alone a surgical option. I'm not letting anybody near my labia. I'm just sayin'.

Michelle O'Neil

As long as it doesn't taste like a dorito or smell like a hedgehog. All I'm sayin'.


i just snorted coffee


ha! so funny! and so nice to see you, girlfriend!

Mominatrix - Motherhood Uncensored

I'm betting it's a bunch of moms that decided it took waaaaaaaaaay too long to keep up things down there.

Or rather, folks who think bald = bad porn star.

I figure, what's so wrong with looking like a porn star from between your waist and knees. Lord knows everywhere else I look like a gym rat who hasn't showered in 4 days.

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