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Hi Wyatt! I am so happy that you have a blog! I have been reading your mom's blog for a long time, so I have heard some great things about you. I have three children. One boy, Brian, is about your age. He will be turning 7 in May. He likes Star Wars too, but he really loves Transformers and Sponge Bob the most. I also have a boy, Andrew, who is 5 and a baby, Kaitlyn, who is only 9 months old. You know, that is a really good question that you asked about when the spirit comes into the baby. I think it does come in while inside the mother because as soon as my three babies came out, I could feel their spirits right away. Come to think of it, I think I may have felt their little spirits inside of me.

You are such a smart kid! I love your pictures too.


Hi Wyatt,

I like your mom and her blog and how cool you have your own! I think the spirit comes into the baby right away. I'm pregnant now for the third time, and my babies all had personalities while they were still growing, and they had the same sort of personalities once they were born. Every time I'd ask my first to give me a kick, say if he'd been still for too long, he'd give me a kick. He's very accommodating that way. My second was born early because of a really scary thing that happened, and he was very brave during his birth and very brave after he was born, too. He goes through the world with a determined but loving spirit.

I also think baby spirits choose us. I'm glad my children chose to be born to me.



Dear Wyatt,

I like your mom's blog and was interested to hear that you have one too. My two boys (one is 13, one is 10) also love Star Wars. Last week we went to the Franklin Institute (in Philadelphia) and saw a very cool exhibit with Star Wars props and vehicles and costumes. It is a traveling exhibit -- maybe sometime it will come to a science museum near you. Have fun blogging, and may the Force be with you!

Moma Moma

Dearest Wyatt
I just read all three of your blogs and i love them. I loved seeing the pictures of your house and your designs and you and even the card you made for me which I still have of course. I agree with Amy: That baby's spirits come into them the moment they are conceived. I also believe that you have a wondrous spirit. And of course, I know how much you love Star Wars and cotton candy and french fries!! So dearest boy, keep on blogging and I'll keep on commmenting. Love you, Moma Moma

Ben Gladstone

what do you mean by spirit?



I have wondered about this so many times in my life... Because say it is from the beginning of everything, then do you maybe have two half bits of soul coming together from your mom and dad? Or is there maybe a gift of spirit when the two halves connect to make a whole? Or maybe it has to grow a bit before it can house something as very complex as a spirit? This is no small question and I'm sure if you search around the Internet you will find lots of people strongly believing they are right, or also just guessing like I am. So I guess it comes down to what we believe, perhaps the most important thing that makes us what we are and human: our values and beliefs. Now this is the point where I, with confidence of an adult, would be telling you that I believe a baby gets a spirit at, you know, x months, or conception, or when it's born... But truth is, you have challenged me completely. My husband and I am trying to have a baby right now and I think as you get older, your mind gets occupied with things more practical and less fundamentally important, like what colour will you paint the baby room, or who is going to change the nappies or what sport/music/interest your kids are likely to take up first once they are older. I am having dinner tonight with my husband and I am going to pose him this question you asked, and tomorrow I will try and tell you what we believe, personally.


Hey Wyatt. I'm nursing my baby Gloria so I can't type very well, but it doesn't matter much because I agree with Moma Moma anyway.


Wow Wyatt- you think of some really BIG questions. Do you make your mom answer all of them? I don't know if I'm smart enough to answer this question about babies and their spirits. But I do love to talk about Star Wars (mostly the older stories- the ones that came out when I was a kid.)


Hi Wyatt!

Do you remember me and Gracie? Are you still riding horses? I am going to be checking your blog because I think you are pretty cool.


Harvest Mom

Hi Wyatt! I love your new blog! You know what? I wonder that very same thing. When DOES a spirit first enter a baby?? If you figure it out, let me know, OK? Thanks! :-)

Aunt Susie

Dear Wyatt,

What a deep and powerful question you ask. In all honesty, while everyone has their own answer to this question, there is no one in the whole world who has the “right” answer for sure. It is one of those wonderful, Holy Mysteries of Life that some of us think about all the time. I can tell you this. The word “ SPIRIT” comes from the old Latin language, Spiritus, which was the ancient Roman word for breath and the animating life force within us. The Ancient Greeks called this Pneuma. The Ancient Hebrews, the ancestors of the Jewish people of today, called this the Ruach. The Hindus of India use the word Prana. The Chinese say Chi. The Japanese say Ki. Maybe what the wisdom of these many different cultures and peoples points to is the belief that Spirit enters the Baby with the very first breath that he or she takes. Maybe before that we share our Mother’s Spirit as we are sharing her body and her blood. Maybe.....I can’t say for sure, but will continue to ponder this question for a long time. What I can say for sure is that your Spirit is a delight to me and your Uncle Steve.

Love and all blessings
Aunt Susie

Ps. What do you think?


Excellent question, and excellent blog. I now read two blogs! From what I have heard, the spirit or soul chooses where it wants to go next. So I guess that happens as soon as the child begins to grow. Luckily your spirit chose you.



Hmmm. Thank you for asking; I like to think about this kind of question, too. For a long time people in western Europe believed that the soul (spirit) entered the baby when the mother first felt it move. That was called "quickening." I think the spirit is there earlier, from the moment the baby is conceived. I wonder where it comes from? Does it enter the baby from somewhere else, or is it created at that moment, too? What do you think?
xoxox your Auntie Annie.
ps. I love comments, too!


Aunt Susie: wow, thanks for all that info.

My husband and I chatted about this for long last night. What makes sense to us is something mentioned by amy and your Dad above too: that your spirit chooses where it wants to go. The exact time it chooses to go into a baby we honestly don't know. My husband thinks it is a couple of weeks after conception when there is sufficient awareness of the baby's little body to host a spirit. I just don't know, I wish I could remember that far back so that I can know for sure when it was. What we did talk about is the belief that your spirit is a timeless, ageless being and that it exists before and after our body's time on earth. I think this is what the concept of spirituality is all about: it seems that as we grow older, our bodies take over our awareness. We think about things that are tied to time and age and just everyday living. Spirituality is when we loosen ourselves from these thoughts and think about timeless and ageless things, like love and compassion and why we are here. I truly believe we think more about these things as children because we are perhaps more in touch still with our spirits, the younger we are. I think when you are still in the womb, the spirit is completely in control and then as the body becomes stronger and bigger, it takes control more and more. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but I do know that when I connect with my spirit through prayer or meditation, or having a quiet walk in a forest, gazing at a rain storm through my window, lying on my back in the middle of the night on an empty beach looking at the stars... then I am truly happy and I feel a big, awesome feeling in my chest that spreads all over my body, and I know that it is all going to be all right. My spirit is still there to guide my body through my life and make sure I follow the path I should in order to do what I was put on earth for.

I would love to hear your view also, please.


That is a really difficult question! You are a smart boy to be thinking such deep thoughts already! You'll probably want to ask your mom that one, she'll have a good answer for you, I'm sure.


That is a really difficult question! You are a smart boy to be thinking such deep thoughts already! You'll probably want to ask your mom that one, she'll have a good answer for you, I'm sure.

Angela Olmos

Thank you so Much for posting that question... Im also in search for the answer... I'm now expecting my first child and amongs many other wonderful things I think about th3se days.. This is a question I find my self wondering a lot. Thanks for starting the blog and thanks for everyone's insight.

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