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drama mama

Dude. YOU ROCK!!!

I am 42 years old, and I can't jump like that. You are a jumping professional.

Awesome. Just awesome.

My daughter, Miss M, wants to jump like that. Any tips?


Wyatt, that was fantastic! I'm super impressed with the way you kept trying and trying until you got that turn around jump. I can't do that either! Way to go, Wyatt! I'll have to keep this video to show Nik when he's big enough to learn how to jump rope, too. :-)


You go, Wyatt! You are way more coordinated than I will ever be!

Frog's Mom

Wyatt, that was awsome! Moving in and out of the rope and that turn around jump - you have got the moves man! Good for you.


Wow, I am so impressed. Wyatt, you are a great jumper! It takes a lot of practice to be able to jump in and out the way you do! You should be proud of yourself. Keep up the wonderful jumping.



Wyatt, you do rock. Big time. I wish I could jump like that!


Awesome! Jump!!!!


Cool... :)


I love your jumping, Wyatt! And you, of course. Do you ever turn the rope for your mom or dad?


Wow, that is just awesome Wyatt. I have twin boys - they are not as big as you, they're only three - but they love to jump too. It takes a good bit of skill with timing and coordination, which you have. Terrific! I also loved loved loved watching you play the keyboard!

Michelle O'Neil

Wyatt you are amazing!!!

Great jumping.


WOW again! Noah would LOVE to jump like that too! Hopefully one day he can jump as good as you do Fluffy!

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