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Hi Wyatt,
Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I think it's great that you are so good at math and reading. I think someday, you will find a truly special friend, someone who will make being with other kids fun and not hard.

Betty and Boo's Mommy

Hi Wyatt - I like your blog a lot! Keep writing. :)


Hi. Wyatt -
Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. I think it's neat that you are good at math. You are also a very good writer.



Thank you so much for writing to us and telling us about yourself. I'm envious that you're really good at math. I find math to be very
difficult sometimes.

Your mom has told me what an amazing imagination you have. She is
incredibly proud of you and has told me what an incredible boy you

It sure can be hard to figure out what to do with other kids. But in
time you will. And you know, I'll tell you something ~ not all of the other kids always know what to do either.

Wishing you lots of love,


Michelle O'Neil

My daughter feels the same way Wyatt. It is hard for her to figure out what's going on when she's with other kids. It can be so confusing. She is the bravest girl I know. I have a feeling you are a very brave kid too. Thanks for being such an honest writer.


Hi there.
I saw your interview and I think you are really cool. You are good at lots of things. I think one day you will find a great friend that likes you for being you.
will visit again:):):)


Hi Wyatt - just dropping past after a long absence (I have been studying again, also Maths but adding Chemistry and Physics, so I have been very busy the last year!). I want to tell you that it gets better. You know, the awkwardness you may feel when you are around other kids and not knowing what to say or do? It is a lot like learning to play the piano. In the beginning, you have to learn a lot of stuff and it takes time to get a piece right, and perhaps you knew only one piece for a while. And, then, after a while, you can play lots of other pieces without thinking too much and then, one day, you wake up and walk over to the piano and realise that you know so many pieces and you can even make your own pieces, just off the top of your head. Talking to other kids (and, one day, other adults) is just like that: eventually, you can talk and just be yourself, and things flow a bit easier. And believe me, as kids grow older, they become more relaxed and easier to be with also! You just need to find the friend that will accept you the way you are, and see all the amazing things inside you, like how good you are at Maths, how kind you are, how incredibly smart you are, etc. But you need to practise. I hope you find that friend to practise on and that it goes really well! Hang in there.

Deb Salter

Hi Wyatt,
I really like your blog! I have a son who is 8 too, he loves Star Wars and Lego. If you would like to see some models he has made, here is his Flickr address- http://www.flickr.com/photos/13635041@N00/
I will show him your blog when he wakes up tomorrow.
Deb Salter (Melbourne, Australia)


Hi, Wyatt (great name, by the way). i found your mom's blog recently, and was really excited to find your blog, too. my daughter (her name is stella) has a tough time being around other kids sometimes, too. she really wants to laugh and play sometimes, but all the rules just seem really hard to remember and understand. she's a lot younger than you, and she *loves* big kids, so if you have any advice for her about anything, i'm sure she'd be happy to hear it :).
oh, and if you get a chance, please write me and tell me a little bit about the picture of you on your mom's blog page. i love the glasses (i think they're made of straws?), and i'd love to know the story of what they are, how you made them, and what they do. stella saw the picture and asked, "hey, what's that kid wearing on his face?"
thanks for sharing all your wise thoughts with us, wyatt. they really help.
take care, katie and stella

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